Car Boosting + Vin Scratch by Renewed Scripts

I wanted to create a Vehicle Robbery script that allows the player to own the car but still has an added risk after the job is done. I believe I found a good medium with the introduction of Vin Numbers that can be scratched from the vehicle allowing Police to still find the dirty criminal afterwards!

After a week of development and 1000+ lines of coding this is the final product! Hope you all like it

  • Open Source
  • 20 different starting locations
  • 30 different cars more can easily be configured in the config
  • Wide Config
  • Low MS around 0.00 – 0.01 idle and 0.01 – 0.02 on use (Can go around 0.05-0.06 when spawning the peds)
  • Configured for both Ox and GHmatti
  • Configured for QB and BT Target
  • Custom UI
  • Comes with police checks so they can search for destroyed Vin Numbers
  • Car Hacking
  • Car blips so police can see the blips (until the crims remove it by hacking)
  • You can configure all positions in the config
  • You can enable debugging mode in Config to see if all polyzones match up
  • Decide whether to use ox or Ghmatti
  • Decide whether to use bt or qb target
  • Configure how many cops needs to be on
  • A lot of peds options to choose weapons, peds and more!
    And much much more!