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qb-pizzathis v1.5.1 | qb-core |


Showcase :



Features :

  • Full support for Gabz PizzaThis MLO
  • Every single of the 75 chairs usable
  • All menus are built in qb-menu
  • 43 new items
    • 12 New Alcoholic Drinks
    • 4 Non-Alcoholic Drink
    • 14 New Foods
  • Payment system built in
    • Payments go straight to PizzaThis’s society account accessible through the bossmenu
    • Every successful payment gives everyone with the job, and who is on duty, a receipt that can be cashed in at the pacific bank only by employee’s
  • Added custom emotes to be used with dpemotes
  • Alcohol effects


Past Updates :

Update v1.5.1:

  • Improved DUI loading
    • Should now show correctly after loading in
  • Added support for ps-progressbar
  • Removed server side print message of DUI info

Update v1.5:

  • Improved Checkmark issues causing script to break when crafting
    • This is a toggle in the config, if it causes issues(like lag) disable it
  • Added Support for Jim-Shops
  • Added support for new qb-menu icons – update qb-menu to see these
  • Added Job Garages for deliveries
  • QoL fixes
    • Improved and optimized loading of targets and props
  • Upgraded Crafting systems to be more optimised and use crafting recipes
  • Added simple support for Toys/Prizes
  • Changed Wine racks into a shop
  • Added ability to open BossMenu at target locations in “Office” and “CEO”
  • Added the ability to change Logo’s and Menus textures through target locations and qb-input
    • Add custom url’s in duiserver.lua for when the server/script starts, these are automatically loaded
    • Change images on the fly with targets and custom url’s
    • Job lock and grade lock so it has less chance to be abused
    • Added ability to ban certain words and phrases
    • Anything with an image extension works eg. png, gif, jpeg…
    • I’m learning this new system, as always let me know if there’s any issues with it

Update v.1.4:

  • Optimizations all over
    • Now uses polyzone for auto clockout
    • Chairs are optimized and detect players already sitting
    • runs at 0.0ms idle
  • Logo now shows up in jim-payments when charging
  • Upped distance on the chairs so you can reach the booth chairs easier

Update v1.3:

  • Payment systems removed/changed in favour of support for my free payment script jim-payments: https://github.com/jimathy/jim-payments
    • Add this script to your server and payment systems will work as normal with extra features
    • This change removes events from client.lua and server.lua
  • Added item checkmarks to qb-menu’s to show if you have the required items or not
    • This adds changes to client.lua
  • QoL Fixes

Update v1.2:

  • Added Tables stashes for food to be placed on the tables
  • Fixed clockin prop not loading correctly for some people. (hopefully)

Update 1.1:

  • Forgot to add dessert and soda items to shops config
  • Fixed..many..mispellings of prosciuttio
  • Fixed counters being shared with my vu script’s counters
  • ecoladiet.png was named wrong, its supposed to be ecolalight
  • Added clockin at laptop outside the locker room until I work out prop issues people are having 


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