Qbcore BurgerShot Job


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Qbcore Burgershot Job is the ultimate Burgershot job.  Written for QbCore Framework.

Not obfuscated or Ip-Locked, So you can edit to your server.

Features of QBCore Burgershotjob

  • Create custom burger delivery locations for employees
  •  Food you can make:
    • Moneyshot Burger
    • Heartstopper Burger
    • Torpedo Burger
    • Bleeder Burger
    • Soft Drink
    • Milkshake
    • Fries
  • Pick up ingredients at warehouse
  • Cant build burgers or make fries without proper ingredients
  • Can call Burgershot employees with phone to order food.
  • Cold food storage for ingredients & burger storage to keep made food.
  • the Burger box has a Useable inventory for holding stuff.
  • Only Burgershot employee who are on duty can make food and drinks
  • Charge customers for their order with command:

/burgercharge [ID] [Amount] [Their Order]

  • Custom made sounds for interact-sound
  • Deliver orders to npc for tickets that you turn into the bosses desk for payment payout
  • Npc Burgershot Shop is now toggle-able with bt-target at the bosses desk
  • For MLO, Contact us.


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