[QB] Warehouse Heist for qb-core framework FiveM


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[QB] Warehouse Heist for qb-core framework FiveM

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This is heavily inspired from Avchillies  Warehouse Robbery script!

This script runs at a maximum of 0.01ms, synced to all players and is compatible with OneSync Legacy & Infinity

This script doesn’t utilize FiveMs escrow system and is fully open source!

— Previews aren’t updated, so chances are you’ll receive a more polished version then actually viewable :) (The Initial ‘Informational’ Ped has been removed)


• Completely Configurable via the config.lua! Change positions, Guard Spawns, Models used, Item output and variety etc.

• Configurable police raid option, so police can enter/storm the warehouse!

• Locks that have to be disabled from within to escape, allowing for a sense or urgency

• Synced Animations

• Armed Guards Spawn (Server Synced)

• Global Cooldown for the Robbery

• Runs at 0.01ms



• qb-core
• qb-target
• memorygame
• mhacking

It’s a quick and easy installation!


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