[QB] NoPixel Hunting for qb-core framework


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Code is Not Encrypted.

Everything/anything can be changed its all how you want it 



  • Reputation based
  • 3 tiers of reputations
  • Carrying/Dragging  animals (all apart from coyote so far)
  • 4 tiers of animals (4 being illegal) there is a 5th tier but that is dependant on if you use bigfoot
  • Big foot has a less than 5% chance of spawning and will always be highest tier
  • Based on your reputation determines the tier of animal that you recieve and how often you recieve it
  • Hunting based on zones (Added a command to get zones to add new zones if you like)
  • Option to sell all animals or option to sell animals one at a time
  • Option to have it be used as a specific job
  • Animal will run away from you if to close
  • AimBlock if player tries to use it to kill another player




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