[QB] NoPixel 3.0 Inspired Oxy Runs for qb-core by Kevin Scripts


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[QB] NoPixel 3.0 Inspired Oxy Runs for qb-core by Kevin Scripts



  • Extensive Config file to change just about everything for ease of life
  • Random Pickup location
  • Random Drop location
  • Chance to get oxy
  • Chance to get a rare item from a table
  • Option for phone / qbcore notifications
  • Option to use a start payment
  • Option to have certain peds/vehicles spawn in a certain area
  • Can be changed to deliver any item

Optimized Runs at: 0.00


  • QBCore (latest)
  • qb-target
  • polyzone
  • qb-phone / gks phone
  • qb-inventory/lj-inventory


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