qb-mdt v2 for qb-core framework

qb-mdt v2 for qb-core framework


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Features :

  • Built in dispatch chat and system (including calls like shots fired and robberies)
  • Fingerprint Search

  • Warrant system
  • Quote of the day on home page
  • Bulletin Board
  • Working active units
  • 911/311 built in with response function
  • Character profiles (user description, licenses, vehicles, tags, properties, gallery and known convictions)
  • Incident Reports (gallery support, officers involved, criminals involved, etc…)
  • Regular Reports
  • BOLOs
  • Vehicle Searching (DMV, plate check, vehicle description, etc.)
  • pma-voice radio check for active units
  • Player housing search system. PD can search their house locations from profile.

Dependency :

There are a lot more small quality of life features in this MDT that helps massively in Roleplay.
This also supports EMS, DOJ, BCSO and LSPD. You can add, remove, and edit these depts as you wish.

Best alternative to qb-mdt. This MDT has more features then the default qb-mdt which comes with free framework. qb-mdt also doesn’t include a proper dispatch system sync. This MDT includes a full dispatch system for your qbcore server.


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