[QB/ESX] qb-motels v3 for qb-core framework | qb-apartments


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[QB/ESX] qb-motels v3 for qb-core framework | qb-apartments

This script works with QBCore Framework. Open Source

This Motel System works with the QBCore Framework. When you purchase the plugin, follow the instructions in the setup.md file.



– qb-inventory

– kibra-ui (https://github.com/kibradev/kibra-ui)



– Each room has its own private key.

– Players can buy motel businesses.

– Motel management, room rates and using in the motel.

– Teleport System and MLO systems gathered in one place.

– The cops can penetrate the Motel.

– Access will be possible via the configuration extension

– A guide is available on how to add a new motel.

– Works with QBCore qb-inventory.

– Players can buy or sell the motel business to a friend for a direct price.

– The motel owner can fire him from his motel.

– Motel has its own special cover. Motel owner can withdraw or deposit money from this safe.


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