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[QB/ESX] Motels | Owner, Customer, Employee Systems | Meta | UI | qb-motels and ESX Motels


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  • There are 8 motels and 127 motel rooms in total.
    [NOTE] Support is provided for the motel, but not for the maps. (Motels will be provided with their maps, but map editing will not be made, for your information.)
    It is very simple to add a motel in our system. You can easily add or delete them via BuildData.
  • If you want, you can make motels purchasable through config and players can buy motels. Admins or motel officials you specify can add motel owners.
  • Phone Support:
    [NOTE] “Optional.” Only in motel rentals, time-related messages, etc. In cases, a message is sent via phone.
  • Notification Supports:
    The requested notification supports all available notifications. mythic, np, pNotify etc.
  • SQL Supports:
    ghmattimysql and oxmysql
  • Identifier supports:
    Citizenid and identifier
  • Language Support:
    English and Turkish
  • Meta system:
    Optional. If you want to use it Req linden_inventory.
  • Wardrobe Support:
    qb-clothing and esx_skin
  • Inventory Support:
    qb-inventory, disc-inventoryhud and linden_inventory
  • Log system:
    There is a standard log system. Information captured by this system:
    In-game id,
    Steam id,


  • Creating an Invoice,
    Paying bills,
    Accepting a Request,
    Reject a Request,
    Leaving the Motel Room,
    Rent Payment,
    Adjusting employee pay,
    Contributing to the employee,
    Dismissing the employee,
    Creating a new key,
    Employee authorization update,
    Adding a motel employee,
    Renew a person’s rent,
    Deleting a motel room,
    Deposit money,
    Withdraw money,
    Do not give motel owner [via command.],
    Changing the person’s room,
    Expiry of the lease,
    Motel room rental

What can a person do after owning a motel?
The person now becomes the manager of that motel.
He can take employees with him, and he himself chooses how much he will pay to his employees.

What information can the owner of the motel edit as an employee?

  • It can fire the person.
  • Can send a message to the person.
  • It can update the person’s salary.
  • It can award the person.
  • It can give / receive authorization to the person.

Motel owner can

  • Can kick the client out of the room,
  • Changing the customer’s room,
  • Renewing the customer’s time,
  • Send a message to the customer,
  • Creating a new key for the customer [linden_inventory required],
  • Room rental to the customer,
  • Viewing the customer’s requests,
  • Receiving money from the safe,
  • Depositing money in the safe,
  • It can suspend or remove motel room.

What Can a Motel Employee Do?

  • First of all, when there is a motel employee, it is the person who works on the motel’s own infrastructure. So you can be both a motel employee and a police.
  • The motel employee receives a salary for the period you specify.
  • Can interact with the menu according to the authorization given by the owner of the motel.

How Does The Motel Rental System Work?

  • The person who will rent the motel is the owner or employee of the motel.
  • He sees the list of actors next to him and chooses from here.

Things u can

  • How many hours / minutes the person can stay.
  • You can withdraw money for the amount of hours that the person determines, and you can set the limit for this.
  • You can set the minimum and maximum rent for each motel. In hours or minutes! For example: You said that motel A can rent a minimum of 1500 hours and a maximum of 3500 hours.
  • The person will pay $ 1500 between 10 minutes and 60 minutes. If a person does it on an hourly basis, for example, he can pay for 1 hour, minimum 1500 and maximum 3500.
    Or if he makes 2 hours, these numbers are multiplied by 2, so a minimum 3000 and a maximum of 7000 will be paid.

Room Rental

  • The motel owner sends the person a menu.
  • The person can accept or refuse
  • If the person leaves the room on time without paying the bill for a motel room, this will go to the person who will rent the motel as a warning.

What is the timing when a person rents a motel room?

  • As long as the person is in the game, his time will decrease.
    So there is no cron system. Everyone has their own time.
    If the person does not pay the rent until half of the time, the motel room will be suspended for half of the time.
    If the person still has not paid 60% of his time, money will be sanctioned at the percentage you specified. Default: 10%
    If the person still has not paid 70% of his time, the person will be sanctioned with the percentage you specified. Default: 13%
    If the person still has not paid 80% of his time, the person will be sanctioned with the percentage you specified. Default: 15%
    If the person still has not paid 90% of his time, the person will be sanctioned with the percentage you specified. Default: 20%
    If the person has not paid when the time is up, the floor sanction you specified will be applied to the person. Default: 2 times the amount due.
    If the person has paid his / her rent, a notification will be sent for information when 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% of the time is up.

What can a person do after buying the motel?

  • Can leave the room.
  • Can see his remaining time.
  • Can make a request to the motel management.
  • Can Pay the Rent.
  • Requests Can Be Found: Key Renewal Request [linden_inventory required]
  • Motel Room Change
  • Request Authorized Personnel Call
  • Request Time Extension Request


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