OneSync Infinity Spectate for Qbcore and ESX

OneSync Infinity Spectate for Qbcore and ESX



The Spectate system you always wanted !

with full support of ONESYNC INFINITE AND Talking/Hearing players on spectate !


  • OneSync infinite Support !
  • Voice system support ! (tested with mumble-voip , pma-voice and toko-voip)
  • Configurable Menu
  • Player in game info
  • Player vehicle info
  • Player session time (how many hours/minutes/seconds this player is connected to server)
  • Player Informations :
    • Player Name
    • Player Server ID
    • Player Client ID
    • Player Ped ID
    • Player Health
    • Player Armor
    • Player Rag doll
    • Player Godmod
    • Player Running state
    • Player Talking
    • Player Coordinate
    • Player Vehicle info (while in vehicle)
  • Clientside Weather / Time change ! (more information below)
  • Full Player List
  • Search Player by name
  • Support for ESX player inventory / money (optional)
  • Support for QBCore player inventory / money (optional)
  • Support For QBCore inventory UI
  • Easy Permission system (support ESX/QBCore group system as well)
  • Support both command and key bind to use spectate menu (and even no menu)
  • Custom Easy language configuration (multi language support)
  • In game settings for Spectator control (mouse movement / zoom)
  • Cross server compatibility for spectate settings (more information below)
  • Optimized script (more information below)
  • Automatic OneSync Detection (no need to configure anything, it will automatically switch between OneSync enabled, infinite and disabled !)
  • Automatic ESX Detection (no need to configure anything , ESX will be automatically enabled if your server is ESX)
  • Security (no backdoor for non-admin players to access or use any part of this script)