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NPC Drug Sales FiveM Scripts



  • Extensive configuration
  • Drugs can be sold in a vehicle
  • It is possible to negotiate a price
  • If the buyer dies while calling the police, the notification will not come
  • The notice shows the police what the dealer looks like and, if you sell in a vehicle, the vehicle type
  • The buyer may, refuse, accept or call the police
  • The optimization is 0.1 ms


  • ESX
  • Mythic_notify

UPDATE V 0.03 :

Now gang members can rob you of the drug you offer them. If you take the weapon in your hand during the assault, the robber will start shooting at you. Newly, if you sell drugs to gang members, you get a little more money than if you sell it to normal civilians. If you press the run away button, it is possible that the robber will let you run or start shooting at you. Newly, It is not possible to turn off the sale of drugs during the sale or robbery. Newly modified a few small details.

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