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How to create a server similar to NoPixel?

Here we will explain how to make a FiveM Server Similar as NoPixel! NoPixel is using FiveM, a third-party program to modify Grand Theft Auto V. In this tutorial, we use one of our finished preset-server you can use for Plug & Play; feel free to use any other server setup.


  • Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server(Windows or Linux) (We recommend windows server)
  • One of our No pixel servers or any servers
  • A small technical knowledge of how servers work.
  • Brain ;)


NoPixel is a FiveM roleplay server, especially for Twitch streamers. It is one of the biggest servers for roleplaying and using content online to entertain viewers via Twitch. It is not too complicated to create a server like NoPixel, and here we will show you how it works.

Final Installation of the server

Installation tutorial, example for Zaphosting:

  1. Load all data from our server package to the “resources” folder into your “resources” folder.
  2. Open the. SQL file that is included with an editor/notepad.
  3. Go to “Search and replace” and replace all database names with your database name. It looks like this: “zap-xxx123”.
  4. Upload the SQL (import) to your server!
  5. Change your initial server. cfg that is already there to the one to the pack. Make sure to not corrupt any data! Only take over the “start” or “ensure” lines that activate the resources.
  6. Start the server and try to log in.

The procedure is always the same since you’re always installing a FiveM server.

Test your server and make yourself an admin:

Login to your server and grant yourself admin permissions. For that, go to your database, to “players” or “users,” and set your user group. Then, on QB, go to permissions and add yourself to the rank “god” table.

NoPixel Scripts

If you want to extend your server with NoPixel scripts, you can find them on our store, but most are already available in our server setups.

Tebex Store

Our store is the official prater of FiveM ( So you can purchase scripts from our store and never worry! We support PayPal and more payment methods! Visit our store to buy scripts!

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