Tebex Fivem Store

Tebex FiveM Store

tebex.store is a store for your FiveM Servers we provide best quality assets for your server. We are individual developers who are running this store. We don't have any tax or hidden fees!

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Tebex FiveM
Tebex Scriptsfrom $4.99
Tebex FiveM
Tebex Mapsfrom $5.99Shop Now
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Tebex Vehiclesfrom $6.99Shop Now

Why Tebex?

We help thousands of FiveM servers just like yours make awesome servers with our scripts. Tebex FiveM is the best platform to sell FiveM Scripts.

We support selling MLOs, Vehicles, Scripts and all of them at almost no extra charage! Tebex FiveM is the best way to earn side husle!

We have Tebex Qbcore scripts, Tebex ESX Scripts, Tebex MLOs and more things on our webstore!

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Easy Integration With Your FiveM Server

Almost all our scripts are drag and drop for your FiveM Tebex Servers

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Support for Newbies

Our customer support is second to none – users rave about how we don’t rest until every issue is solved to their satisfaction.
FiveM Tebex Support Team is fastest to respond to your questions!

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Industry-Leading Secure Checkout

We have the data and technology to offer an industry-leading suite of fraud prevention tools for every store.

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