Garbage Job for Qbcore Framework /w Leveling System V2

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Qbcore Garbage Job with leveling system. Fully cheat protected garbage job for your Qbus/Qbcore server.

Information :

There are 3 levels for collecting garbage:

  • Level 1 You collect garbage from small bins
  • Level 2 You collect garbage from garbage containers
  • Level 3 You collect garbage from both small bins and garbage containers

Due to the way the resource handles model finding, I recommend having distance scaling in your graphics settings by at least one tick to increase the amount of bins that spawn on the road.

For every level you can define the amount of garbage needed to progress to the next, you can also define how much you want each level to pay.

The levels are not stored in the database and are reset after going off duty. I envisioned this to be a job that rewards players who do it for a decent amount of time, the level values are set low to cut the time on the showcase video.

There is a exclusion zone in place that adds the area to a blacklist once a player picks up trash, preventing the player from abusing the mechanics and making the player move around to look for garbage to collect.