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Cayo Perico resource to create an ecosystem on the island.

Features: drugs, weapon crafting, smuggling, radar systems, npc’s to make it more alive, boss menu with treasury, personal stash, group stashes Everything works via bt-target or Poly Zones that give a small message on your screen.
1) Drugs: players (even without a job) can harvest weed branches and coca leaves and hand them over to an NPC in return for a delivery note, this delivery note can be converted back into crop by players with the cayoperico job. These fields are bound by PolyZones so you can harvest all over the fields Players with cayoperico job can take these crop and process them into drugs (cocaine and weed buds) Players with capo rank (grade 1) can take these drugs and package them into bricks. Players can use bricks when they have plastic baggies in their inventory to create 100 bags of coke/weed. (Script prevents cutting bricks if you don’t have the inventory room for it)
2) Boss Menu: This boss menu allows drug lords (grade 2) to hire, fire, promote players and also access a small treasury to deposit and withdraw cash.
3) Weapon Crafting: Drug lords (grade 2) have access to a crafting bench that uses materials to craft weapons.
4) Vehicles: The island contains 5 places where players with the Cayo Perico job can grab vehicles and store vehicles
5) Smuggling: Capo’s (grade 1) and higher can grab a longfin boat at the docks by the barracks. This boat has a CAYOBOAT license plate and via changes in the inventory script you can set a trunk space for this exact license plate (set to 200kg). Drug lords (grade 2) can grab a dodo plane by the hangar with license plate CAYODODO that has a trunkspace of 1000kg. Grabbing these vehicles requires 5,000$ and 12,000$ to ‘fuel them up’ Around the island is a circle poly zone, when the player has the cayo perico job and leaves the island with one of these two vehicles, he will send a smuggling alert to the police (higher chance for plane than boat)
6) Radar Systems since it is hard to see what comes in to the island, a large polyzone is placed around the island. If a regular player (without cayoperico job) enters this zone, he will send an alert (with coordinate) to players with the Cayo Perico job.
7) Stashes: 1 personal stash (bound to your citizenid that only you can enter) and other stashes in the basement. The armory and drugs stash is only accessible by capo+ (grade1) rank. The drugsstash is also connected to the stash by the packaging.


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