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ESX Trucker Job Advanced


ESX Trucker Job

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This release adds a trucking job to your ESX FiveM server. The job features a leveling system where as the players complete deliveries they will release progress, when a player reaches max progress for a level he will level up. With higher levels players can unlock new trucks to use and new routes to drive.

The config file is very rich and allows you to change most of the stuff about the resource. Although it may be a bit overwhelming at first.

This resource uses PolyZone for the best performance. There is 0 distance checks.

Idle and when delivering the usage of the resource is 0.01 ms. When drawing 3D text and the marker for delivery it can be in 0.04 – 0.06 ranges. This could be further improved but I didn’t really want to include more dependencies than necessary.

The resource is, of course, not obfuscated or ip locked. You get full access to edit the code.


  • PolyZone 28
  • nh-context 15 – Since the original nh-context was removed, this is a link to my fork that should be the same as the original. Any fork version that’s the same as original will work fine.

The resource is not encrypted, you have full access to the code upon purchase.

The resource was tested on ESX V1 Final, I am not going to offer support in converting it to other frameworks or other versions of ESX, just know if you do purchase the resource and want to do this, I will not help you.

It will however work on ESX Legacy due to backwards compatibility.