ESX Police Job | Cuff/Escort/Bill/Props & More! esx_policejob alternative


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ESX Police Job | Cuff/Escort/Bill/Props & More! esx_policejob alternative

Ahoy! Before we begin, this script is meant to replace esx_policejob. It has all the features AND MORE, better optimized, look better, and just overall is better. 10692 servers run esx_policejob still. Hopefully not anymore.



  • Police Interactions
    – Cuffing
    – You can Hardcuff & Softcuff Players.
    – When someone is handcuffed, they will have a physical handcuff item visible on their character.
    – When Hardcuffed, your hands will be behind your back.
    – Softcuffed your hands will be in front of you.
  • Escorting
    – When you’re escorting someone, you’ll do the animation of holding their arm, like you’re ACTUALLY physically escorting them. While doing so, the players legs will move instead of just hovering/floating.
    – Put in / Out vehicle
    – Not shown in the video (sorry) but you can put someone in / out of a vehicle with the following commands
    – /piv (Put In Vehicle) will put a player into a vehicle. Supports putting multiple people in the same vehicle (Up to three people)
    – /out (.. Out!) will take a player out of said vehicle.
  • Dragging
    – /drag will drag someone. Pressing S will move you backwards.
    – You can drag people who are alive / dead (WOW! /s)
  • Billing
    – /bill ID amount will bill the player for X. ALL funds will go into the police society fund.
  • Police Job Menu
    – View Roster – Will show all police officers (as well as those off duty)
    – You can see their callsign, name, and rank here.
    – Callsigns – Unique identifiers for each officer. These can be changed as people are promoted/demoted. (Use case later down).
    – Promote/Demote – Pretty straightforward.
    – Fire (Also.. straightforward)
    – Hire New Officer – Enter in the Players ID, and whala. They’re hired. Like Magic. WOW.
  • Prop Interaction & Items
    – Props
    — Cones – Placeable Cones (Need to be added to your armory)
    — Barricades – Same deal as Cones, add them to your armory.
    – Items
    — Riot Shields – (Not shown in video, sorry!) – Equip a Riot Shield with a pistol (Equip the pistol THEN use the riot shield). Will protect you from Bullets, the collision can be a little OP and push cars, so use responsibly!!
    — PD Cam – Set up a Spy cam ANYWHERE in the world. Simply use, position (The red line will be the cameras POV, and press E to place. Give your Camera a name, and view by going into the survelience room on the second floor.
    — I’ve already included cameras set up for the Banks & Jewelry Store. You can add more cameras to help in stake outs, other heists, and pretty much anything your heart desires to help further your police RP.
    — Vehicle Cam – Set up a Spy cam in ANY VEHICLE. Go into the Survelience room on the second floor to view / remove.
    — Finger Print Kit – Collect Fingerprints from vehicles (if they are wearing gloves, no fingerprints)
    — Evidence Bag – View collected evidence (needs to be processed before you get any info)
    — DNA Swab – Collect DNA from any player to be entered as evidence.
  • Evidence System
    – Built in Evidence System
    — Collect bullet casings from dead bodies – When analyzed, these will reveal what caliber gun and the location of where it was collected.
    — Blood Samples – When someone is seriously wounded, they’ll leave behind a blood pool that you can collect. When Analyzed, it can be compared to any DNA Matches you’ve got from swabs.
    — Fingerprints – Collect Fingerprints from Cars (OR FROM ANY ROBBERY, OR DOOR YOU SET UP USING A SIMPLE EVENT!) When Analyzed, can be compared to any Fingerprint matches in the system.
    — Fingerprint (AT PD) – When processing criminals, take them into the processing room and alt-menu the desk to fingerprint them and add them into the system.
    — For more on the Evidence System, check out [this video](
  • Dispatch
    – Dispatch Interactions
    — With the dispatch job (or as a police) interact with the computers on the first floor to access the dispatch menu
    — From here, you can view ALL ACTIVE DUTY POLICE OFFICERS.
    — Send DIRECT messages to specific officers
    — Send GPS WAYPOINTS to specific officers
    — Adds another avenue of RP for players seeking the law enforcement lifestyle without the dangers of the job.
  • Duty / Blips
    – On / OffDuty
    — Going offduty will remove your blip from other officers (duh)
    — Going onduty will add your blip to other officers. Each Blip shown WILL ALSO SHOW CALL SIGN.
    — Great for knowing which officers are responding to what scene, etc.
    — Color Coded Blips – Give each blip it’s own unique color to easily identify cadets, officers, the chief, etc.
    — Supports adding blips for EMS by default
  • Restocking
    — AUTOMATIC RESTOCK – When going ON Duty, you will automatically be restocked of any items you don’t have or don’t have enough of. (Configurable)
    — You can add ANY Item, ANY Amount, and for WHATEVER COST, you choose.
    — The money comes out of the Police Fund directly.
  • Firing Range
    – Get familiar with your Arsenal
    — Add different weapons via the Config.
    — Supports Static & Moving targets.
    — Static Targets are set at 5 / 10 / 20 Meters/
    — Once the target disapears, you will get a score depending on the amount of damage you’ve done.
  • Fluff
    — My goal here was to make EVERYTHING INSIDE PD FUNCTIONAL.
    — You can sit at EVERY Chair inside PD.
    — The Break Room Refridgerator can provide food/water for any Police Officer (Config)
    — Grab fire extinguishers straight off the wall to avoid adding excess to your armory
    — Storage Lockers / Clothing Change. Interact at the lockers to do either. Using a different inventory or c lothing script? No problem, supports adding YOUR OWN EXPORTS. Currently set up for Ox Inv / Fivem-apprance.
    — SHOWER to remove any BLOOD from your enemies (or friends)
    — Wash hands cause it’s gross not doing it
    — RAPPEL out of Helicopters (polmav)
    — When in the back seats, press X to Rappel from the helicopter.

Planned Features

– Helicopter Camera
– Helicopter Spotlight
– Garage & Impound System
– Police Trackers
– Speed Cams (Maybe)

| | |
| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | Yes |
| Lines (approximately) | Nearly 4000~ |
| Requirements | ESX, Qtarget, PolyZone, (Nh-context v1 or 2, zf-context, or qb-menu) swt_notifications (or any notification of your choice), esx_society (for the funds)|
| Support | Yes |


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