DMCA / Product Removal Request

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We are a e-commerce where scripters, mappers and creators can sell their products. We only allow commercially owned products to be sold on our store. We take legal rules and regulations very seriously.


Fill out this form and send it to “[email protected]” :

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Whenever we received your mail, we will answer within 48 hours to find a solution.
Please make sure to include all information above to proceed the request. For data privacy protection, we will not give information about how we proceed with the vendor/seller.

Note : Sending the above information does not mean the product will be taken down immediately. We will take our time to investigate and decide upon if its a legit claim.

Note : Tebex gives all their customers full COMMERCIAL RIGHTS over the products they buy. Copyright laws only apply if the product was copyrighted before sold on Tebex Store.