[QB] Cocaine Mission for qb-core framework FIVEM


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[QB] Cocaine Mission for qb-core framework FIVEM

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This is a NoPixel 3.0 inspired Cocaine Mission, where you have to cause a city-wide blackout, talk to a ped, hand over an insane amount of cash, to retrieve underwater cache’s that have been put into submerged vehicles trunks, across the west coast of Los Santos.

This script runs at a maximum of 0.01ms, synced to all players and is compatible with OneSync Legacy & Infinity

This script doesn’t utilize FiveMs escrow system and is fully open source!


— Previews aren’t updated, so chances are you’ll receive a more polished version then actually viewable :)


• A full NoPixel 3.0 stylized blackout

• Global Cooldown(s) for the blackout and Ped interaction

• Submerged, cache’s hidden in vehicle trunks

• Easily configurable to suit your needs.

• Runs at 0.01ms

Update 1.1:

• New ‘processing ped’ has been added, where you can have your sealedpackges unboxed in exchange for coke bricks

• Coke Bricks can be broken down into small coke bags in order to sell to Peds.

• Added config to disable the need of doing the blackout!


• qb-core
• qb-target

Requires game build 2060 or higher!

It’s a quick and easy installation!


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