Announcing Tebex Checkout

It has been a very busy time here at Tebex and we have been working hard behind the scenes on a brand-new product. After months of development, testing and implementation, we are very excited about the latest addition to our product line-up. Without further ado, we are proud to announce that Tebex Checkout is launching today.

With 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, Tebex knows what’s important to server owners, and Checkout has been built after listening to the frustrations of our customers when dealing with payment gateways. Featuring an industry-leading range of payment methods and best-in-class fraud protection, Tebex Checkout aims to be the partner that helps you grow your server and community to the next level.

What is Tebex Checkout?

Tebex Checkout is a payment gateway built directly into Tebex. Designed to make it as simple as possible for you to accept payments from many payment methods without having to apply and manage those accounts one by one. All you need is your Tebex account to start accepting payments.

It does not matter which payment method the customer uses; everything will just funnel into your Wallet on Tebex. Then you can withdraw these funds using PayPal, a Bank Transfer or Wire transfer. Tebex Checkout accepts over 60 payment methods with no integration required. Checkout supports over 30 different languages so no matter where your customer is from, or what payment methods they have available, there’s an option for them.

Did you know that over 50% of players prefer to NOT use PayPal?
With Tebex Checkout there are more than 60 different payment methods and support for 30 different Languages, meaning wherever your customers are based, Checkout provides an extensive variety of payment options.

Using the standard Tebex Legacy checkout flow you need to set up all of your payment methods one by one. Whereas with Tebex Checkout, getting setup is much quicker. When customers purchase packages and other goods from your Webstore, they can use Tebex Checkout to choose from a selection of more than 60 different payment methods. Tebex Checkout supports a larger number of payment methods than the standard Tebex legacy checkout flow. Customers have a wider number of methods to purchase goods with the security and ease of use that Tebex Checkout provides. No matter what payment methods are used, all payments you receive are funnelled into your Wallet in your Tebex Dashboard.

Key Features:

Localisation â€“ Available in over 30 languages

Extensive payment coverage – Support 60+ payment methods out of the box, with no additional signups or accounts required.

Simple refund management  Refund your players from one place, without ever leaving the Tebex control panel.

Zero chargeback headaches – We handle all dispute resolution and provide you with our seller protection as standard.

Set up your webstore effortlessly  No changes, external contracts or setup required on your existing webstore.

Conversion-optimized checkout flow – Improved checkout flow which has been proven to increase conversion rates.

Compliance handled by Tebex – Tebex acts as the merchant of record, meaning worldwide sales tax, GDPR, PSD2 & AML is handled on your behalf.

Chargeback Support

Tebex will meet the costs of any chargebacks on your store. Tebex Checkout employs advanced fraud detection technology, over and above the standard chargeback checks you might have seen previously. This, combined with our refined chargeback defence responses gives us the confidence to cover the cost of any chargebacks that do happen – and you will be able to keep your earnings.

Pricing & Plans

Tebex Checkout is free to use with the option to upgrade to our Plus plan at any time. You are allowed to stay on the free plan for life, regardless of the amount your store processes. Unlike the standard Tebex platform, there is no requirement to purchase different plans as your store grows.

Each payment you receive is subject to a 5% platform fee along with a gateway fee. You can view the fees for each payment method by visiting the payment methods page.

Tebex Plus provides all the selling features you might usually receive on the Enterprise plan (abandoned basket recovery, gift cards, sales, coupons and more) for just £12.49 a month, including a free SSL certificate for your store.

Tebex Academy Demonstration Video

Ted has created a brand new Tebex Academy video showing a demonstration of Tebex Checkout with a step-by-step guide so you can follow along and setup Checkout on your Tebex account.

If this is your first time visiting our Blog, here’s the low down on what Tebex is and what we do. We provide the tools for you to monetize your game server, Discord or Community. We also provide a place for you to sell content such as, scripts or plugins. We currently support more than 10 games and we are always working on adding more. Depending on the game you are hosting, you will either use a dedicated Tebex plugin or MySQL to connect your Tebex store to your game server. We then give you the tools to create a beautiful website where you can list your items for people to purchase.

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